Early Season Training

Lane LawrenceTraining

So, it’s early 2017…we’re now into late February…we’ve had NO SNOW (knock on wood)…and thus, no reason for an indoor training session.

OR….is there?

Training sessions provision more than a simple opportunity to train or ride together, more than cranking out watts & RPMs to DJ mixes of Cold Play, Avicii, or Guns & Roses, more than venturing out across the Northern Virginia or Maryland landscapes.  Training is about committing time with team mates and encouraging (or razing :-)) each other’s efforts, about preparation and sharpening current skills and improving performance, of imagining how much better you can be as an athlete or sport enthusiast, and becoming a better team mate & friend…

So whether an hour on the rollers or an afternoon on the open road, I look forward to sharing this season’s training time with my team mates & friends–life is better by them 🙂