Catching Up on 2018

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It’s been quite the 2018 for our Pacers crew, and we’re not even half way through the year!  2018 began with a serious and focused commitment by Sue “Sprint” Gregory to achieve a bucket-list fitness goal of accomplishing a full Century bike ride at the American Diabetes Association’s annual Tour De Cure ride in April located in Suffolk, VA.  Between her personal fitness trainer and her cycling coach, Sprint began the committed task in January of training each day and focusing on getting herself ready for this significant event; I am more than pleased & overwhelming proud to convey Sprint soundly and resolutely achieved her goal, completing the 100.7 mile route along with her trusty support crew in just over 6 hrs, which is spot on for a novice Century rider—well done Sprint, so very proud!

 Goal Accomplished!                                                                   Sprint’s Ride Support Crew     






The month of June had long been anticipated by several Pacer team mates for a 10-day tour excursion across the Umbria & Tuscany regions of Italy; after arriving in Rome the 2nd Saturday in July, Pacer members Pat “Diesel” Harris, Tom “Cowboy” & Renee’ “The One” Novak, Evan “Tubes” & Chris “Tubes 2” Novak, and Greg “Miles” Bates journeyed to the historic Romanesc city of Assisi where the group began an 8-day ride throughout the olive grove laden roads teaming with history, wineries, and perfect riding weather.  Though Cowboy unfortunately took a spill later in the ride week and had to depart for Rome early, the adventure was indeed memorial and inviting…






Unfortunately for our team captain, the month of June also saw the unfortunate event of a lighten-strike caused house fire which mandated the family’s evacuation from the home; thankfully, everyone made it out safely and are currently residing in temporary housing for the next 10 months until the interior of the home is rebuilt…(we’re also thankful none of Street’s bikes or bike mechanic shop/studio were lost to the fire, either! 🙂 )

As the 2018 season continues, I look forward to riding more and getting past the various “speedbumps” of health deficiencies (i.e., bronchitus, stomach flu, summer colds, etc) and other life events which seem to interfere with getting together with team mates & friends–our annual Tour De France party this month will be a great place to hit the “reset” button for the season and to move forward…Viva La Tour, Viva Camaraderie!!