Catching Up on 2018

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It’s been quite the 2018 for our Pacers crew, and we’re not even half way through the year!  2018 began with a serious and focused commitment by Sue “Sprint” Gregory to achieve a bucket-list fitness goal of accomplishing a full Century bike ride at the American Diabetes Association’s annual Tour De Cure ride in April located in Suffolk, VA.  Between … Read More

Early Season Training

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So, it’s early 2017…we’re now into late February…we’ve had NO SNOW (knock on wood)…and thus, no reason for an indoor training session. OR….is there? Training sessions provision more than a simple opportunity to train or ride together, more than cranking out watts & RPMs to DJ mixes of Cold Play, Avicii, or Guns & Roses, more than venturing out across … Read More

2016 TDC Reflections from Da Guys

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Since this year’s TDC schedule conflicted with many family graduation & reunion activities, our normal Pacers’ team contingency was represented by Cowboy and Diesel for 2016; though there weren’t as many riders as in past rides, our Dynamic Duo said it was still a good event & well received.  Diesel met up with Cowboy on Friday after registration to get … Read More

New Season

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It’s now March…the bulk of cold-weather snaps have subsided and spring is peaking it’s adolescent face through the slats of the preceding winter season…The tidal basin cherry blossoms are queuing themselves up for a bursting show as they always do this time of year, welcoming a new crop of visiting tourists along with accompanying springtime… Welcome cycling season 2016….We’ve been … Read More

A Saturday in January

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 So how often do you get to enjoy a Saturday in the garage….   In January…  At 38F degrees (inside!)…  On your bike attached to a stationary trainer…  Along with 7 of your best friends…   Listening to cool music…     Then afterwards eating sloppy joes, meat balls, and spicy cream corn dip…    Drinking wine & eating carrot … Read More

New Beginnings

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Wow, it’s been a VERRRRRRYYY long time since anyone posted on our Blue Suit Pacers team blog…time certainly has moved along quite well since 2009!  Though there hasn’t been much captured here in written form, there’s been many a collection of rides & gatherings over the past 5yrs, from our annual participating in the Hampton Roads-Suffolk Tour De Cure, various … Read More

June Team Ride

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Great route!  Definitely got some hill training–lots of rollers, too!  I thought it’d be a long ride when we encountered rain in the first few miles. Then, miraculously, it cleared.   Quantico was fantastic!  Little traffic and the Marines were out and about, doing maneuvers in the field.  After about 30-miles I had to beat feet home to install some French … Read More

Spring Is Here!

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Sometimes you just have to ride, regardless of time or place, of circumstance or situation, of weather or terrain…today, a few members of our team ventured out with one of our "rookie" members learning the skills of the road and journeyed through the DC tidal basin area (along with thousands of other folks as well!)–spring, with the arrival of the … Read More

Update from the Desert

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Message from Diesel….he met up with "Piston"!! Cheers, Street>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Happy new year!  I'm doing well but really looking forward to getting home to friends and family.  Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season with your friends, family, loved ones, and consumed lots of good food.  The Holidays were not good in Iraq but we had our battle buddies for … Read More

Happy Holidays from Iraq

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Holiday Message from Diesel…   Street   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> May the peace of God be with you and yours during this wonderful time ofyear!  Though I'm in Iraq, I'll not forget just how fortunate andblessed I am.  I have the spirit of the season permanently etched in my heart–because there are so very few signs of Christmas on the streetsof Baghdad.  No lights, no … Read More