2016 TDC Reflections from Da Guys

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Since this year’s TDC schedule conflicted with many family graduation & reunion activities, our normal Pacers’ team contingency was represented by Cowboy and Diesel for 2016; though there
weren’t as many riders as in past rides, our Dynamic Duo said it was still a good event & well received.  Diesel
met up with Cowboy on Friday after registration to get caught up and to
consume some calories in preparation for the next day’s ride….here’s the ride summary from Diesel on the day’s adventure:

year we enjoyed a new course, which seemed safer as they were on rural,
lightly-traveled roads. Road markings and signage were outstanding—you had to work really hard at getting lost!  I’m still having flashbacks of
big orange directional arrows! The weather was surprising cool and
overcast. Rest stops were as you’d expect but somewhat oddly placed. We
had lunch at the 52-mile point at a State Park on the water. The Subway
sandwich was good but I got really cold. We didn’t tarry too long,
still, I was cold and stiff leaving that stop.
second half of the ride got really interesting. This is when you have
to dig deep and stay focused on the finish line. We had 18-miles to get
to the 70-mile rest stop—that was our goal. However, once we got into
this leg it seemed that we kept going and going and going. Imagine our
delight when we finally saw the “Rest Stop Ahead” sign. We roll into the
break area to hydrate and take on more calories when Cowboy notices the
distance sign that we’re at the 84-mile point!!! What!!! How’d we do
that!!! Somehow, we managed to blow by the 70-mile stop!!!  That
explained everything…we’d done 32-miles as opposed to 18! Ahhh, but
there’s goodness in this mistake as we had only about 16-miles to the
finish with another rest stop to boot! Praise the Lord!
you’d imagine, with the psychological boost of knowing we’d covered so
much ground, the balance of the ride was good. Yes, I was sore and a bit
tired but, hey, we were almost home. We hit the last rest stop for a
final refill and cruised the last 6-miles. King’s Fork High School is a
most beautiful sight after 102-miles!

update you on Cowboy. He’d shared with me at dinner that his knee
replacement went well and that he’d lost 30-pounds. Well, I gotta tell
you, it showed. His riding was strong all day long. He’s always been
somewhat an aggressive rider but now he’s got the guns to accompany the
attitude! I’d just come to expect that if there was a rise or hill
ahead, he was going to attack…all day long! I was thinking that maybe he
was doping or that he got his bike modified with one of those internal
electrical motors but he assured me it was all testosterone, piss and
vinegar. By the end of the day I referred to him as the Bionic Cowboy.
So, then, when ya’ll ride with him, be prepared because the B.C. is

Many thanks to Diesel & Cowboy for representing the Blue Suit Pacers in this year’s TDC—looking forward to many other rides together this season!!